Thanks for the Recommendations

In an industry where recommending your business to a colleague is one of the highest compliments a company can receive, the Minnesota Life Group  Division of Securian Financial Group, must feel that they are highly least 98 percent of the time.

Minnesota Life Group Division, St. Paul, Minn., every two years taps Gestalt Inc., an independent market research firm to survey its group life clients.

This year, the study was conducted by surveying 177 human resources personnel at group life clients most of which were Fortune 1000 companies or those of similar capacity. “Among the 177 people that took part in the survey, our average score on the question, 'How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Minnesota Life?' was 9.47.” said Von Peterson, senior vice president of Securian Financial Group.

The ratings -- on a zero to 10 scale, with 10 being completely satisfied -- surprised Jan Wilson, president and owner of Gestalt. “These are, without a doubt, the highest customer satisfaction scores across the board that I have seen for any company in my entire career,” Wilson said.

The group life division also secured a Net Promoter score of 89%. This score is arrived at by calculating the number of customers who rate (on a scale of zero to 10) their likelihood of recommending the business 9 or 10 and deducting the customers who rate their likelihood to recommend 0-6. 

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