Majority of Americans are Developing Holiday Spending Plans

More than half of Americans will create a spending plan for their gift buying this holiday season and they intend to stick with those plans, a new survey concludes.

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, published this finding in a summary of results of a poll conducted via Northwestern Mutual’s Facebook page. The poll received responses from more than 4,600 people and asked about people’s planned approach to holiday season spending and their expectations for sticking with their plans.

More than half (52%) of the poll’s respondents said they would set a plan for buying gifts and stick with it. Among the poll’s other findings:

● 16% indicated they set a plan, but rarely stick with their plans.

● 15% are not sure how they will approach the holiday season, but said they rarely set a plan for gift giving.

● 17% do not intend to set plan and will purchase gifts for friends and family as they see fit.

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