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Four steps to hitting your 2012 goals, Part 2


Setting goals for the New Year is easy—it’s sticking to the plan to attain those goals that trips most of us up. But there is hope. Here are two more ways to achieve your goals this year.

3. Keep your goals "top of mind." People are visual creatures. As children, we all used pictures to reinforce goals or things we wanted to achieve. At an early age, children put posters or photographs of people they look up to as "heroes" on the walls of their bedrooms: Superman, Batman, music and rock stars, sports heroes.

We need to do the same thing to visualize our goals: put a picture, poster, magazine advertisement, or some other visual or tangible reminder of your objective in your office or on the bathroom mirror—a spot where you will look at that picture several times during the day to remind you what it is you’re working toward. This visual reminder will not only keep you directed, but also help you stay on schedule.

It also helps to take some time and discuss with your spouse or a trusted friend exactly what you want and when you want it. Accountability and support can be very useful.

Lastly, come to terms with how your priorities may need to change in order to achieve your goal. H. L. Hunt, the late Texas oil and ketchup tycoon, was once asked to reveal the secret of his success. "Decide what you want," he replied, "but also decide what you will do to get it." This is a strong statement coming from a tycoon who won his first Oklahoma oil well in a poker game of five-card stud. But it is profoundly accurate. You can’t achieve a goal without changing some aspect of your business or personal life. What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you desire?

4. Hire a business coach. Very few producers have the self-discipline and perseverance to stick to a game plan more than a couple of weeks. A great business coach will help you do it. An effective business coach will not only help keep you accountable to your business/game plan, but also show you techniques to hit your goals without working more hours. A coach is not an expense. A great coach will help you dramatically increase sales much faster than you could on your own.

Think big

Big goals bring out the best in us. We perform best when we stretch a little and go beyond our comfort zone. Don’t sell yourself short because of fear.

For the first two tips on reaching your 2012 goals, click here

"We perform best when we stretch a little."

Kerry Johnson, MBA, PH.D., ( is a best-selling author, coach and speaker. Responses and questions can be sent to

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