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What We’re Reading: Contraception Calamity, Magic Retirement Number & Reader Faves

A selection of our favorite stories from the past week, by the reporters and editors of

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Taxpayers Underreporting Retirement Income (Accounting Today)

The IRS largely agreed with recommendations for increasing taxpayer compliance made by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, but did question whether reporting on distribution and rollover contribution dates would be beneficial. Read more


Losing Altitude (The Economist)

If there was a positive spin on the final quarter of 2011, and the overall year, it was that things were worse three years ago. Read more


What Happens If Your Insurance Company Fails? (CBS MoneyWatch)

What happens when an insurance company fails? This is one question it's important to know the answer to if you're considering the purchase of an immediate annuity to generate retirement income. Read more


Gen X Women are Closing the Gender Investing Gap (Business Insider)

Gen X women have greater opportunity in the workplace than their mothers did -- but the gender investing gap still exists. Read more


The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die (Wall Street Journal)

As multiple states continue to investigate whether some of the country's largest insurers have failed to pay out unclaimed life insurance benefits to beneficiaries, the rationale for carefully planning your death dossier has become critically clear. Read more


U.S. Healthcare Stocks Face Obstacles after 2011 Run (Reuters)

After beating the market in 2011, healthcare stocks may struggle for a repeat performance this year as cash-strapped Americans keep putting off use of medical services and investors seek out faster growth stocks as the economy improves. Read more


Rules Requiring Contraceptive Coverage Have Been in Force for Years (NPR)

There's been no let-up in the debate about the Obama administration's rule requiring most employers to provide prescription birth control to their workers without additional cost. But here's the rub: The only truly novel part of the plan is the "no cost" bit. Read more


Why the World Needs America (Wall Street Journal)

"Would the end of the present American-dominated order change the way our world functions" asks Robert Kagan? Yes, indeed. Read more


Looking to 70 1/2, a Magic Number in Retirement Plans (New York Times)

However stout your tax defenses, there is almost no avoiding the levy against retirement plans for the year you reach 70 1/2, when you must start withdrawing cash from I.R.A.’s and 401(k) plans and paying ordinary income tax on it, writes Robert Hershey. Read more


Success of Health Reform Hinges on Hiring 30,000 Primary Care Doctors by 2015 (Washington Post)

Over a lifetime, a medical student who becomes a specialist rather than going into primary care can expect to earn $3.5 million more. This is a tempting promise. But, writes Sarah Kliff, the Obama administration desperately needs more medical students to choose primary care. Read more


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