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How do men and women clients differ when it comes to discussing financial matters with advisors? We polled a number of producers as well as other annuity experts to gauge their reactions to this question.

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The following are highlights from those responses we have received so far:

Men are more forceful and unbelieving and most women believe everything you tell them. With women you had better be telling the truth or do not even think of dealing with them.—Phillip Raines

I emphasize slightly different things when connecting with clients after listening to their needs and desires.—Joe Tillman

Men tend to be more impatient and have the “why should I do business with you” mentality? If a concept sounds good to a male prospect, then he usually acts quickly on it. With women prospects, there usually needs to be a more educational, trust-building approach. Females generally do not agree to do business immediately.—Ron L. Stahl

Men and women are different in their approach to the same problem. I look for the analytical vs. emotional, security vs. risk taker, leader vs. follower, etc.—Howard Burkhart

No, not really. Most of my clients (85 percent) are women so I concentrate on women issues and challenges.—James R. Veal

Women have more of an emotional purchase mentality. A lot depends on how they “feel” about the topic. For men, they are looking more at the logic behind the purchase. They tend to weigh their role in providing for the family and in longevity issues, both for them and their spouse.—Lloyd Lofton

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