Wealth managers talk about the boomer demographic

With 10,000 boomers becoming “seniors” every day, we spoke with wealth managers and other industry experts to learn what they think about this important demographic.

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From what I see at my office, most agents do not really care about their prospects or clients. Most are young (under 40) and have no idea of what a person 65, 75 or 85 … is going through. The worst part is that they have someone thirty-five-years-old who is training them.

--Philip Raines


I have to work to make my client base younger while expanding my offerings and knowledge about areas of importance to seniors.

--Eustace L. Greaves Jr.


Boomers still tend to want to talk about all their options. Future generations concern me as they most likely will rely on doing all business over the Internet.

--Karen Larson


As a Gen-Xer, I firmly believe the boomers were the last generation to really note pivotal moments in business history as it relates to our industry — so their influence and role as clients AND mentors will be deeply felt.

--Dan Clark


Many seniors have more time on their hands and want to take a more active role in their financial decision making. It's become a hobby for many of them even though they are seriously unqualified to attempt it with any degree of success.

--Rebecca True


People are starting to take income, so more allocation is important. It’s also difficult, since more bonds are needed in these portfolios, but bonds are overpriced.

--Rick Carlson


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