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50 best ways to generate leads: Tips 11–20

20.   Ideas old and new.

I rely on such things as referrals from my existing book of business. I also have found success with Internet leads.

-Virginia Lee Kintz

19.  The subject matter expert.

I’ve been working with other advisors as their insurance expert.

-Don Kuhn

radio18.   The radio.

I have a weekly radio show and radio advertising. Also, there’s been success by sponsoring the Mike Huckabay Report three times daily on a local talk radio station.

-Dee Carter

17.   Do the right thing.

Always do what’s right for the client. Always offer help and support for CPAs and attorneys to make their lives simpler/easier.

-Steve Hyett

door16.   The open door policy.

I have discovered new leads by going door-to-door in the community.

-Tom Moriarty

15.   Lunchtime.

I have found the strongest success from referrals and client seminars or “lunch and learns.”

-Ron L. Stahl

handshake14.   Associations.

Working with associations (State of Michigan Retirees, Credit Union, American Legion Auxilary).

-Nick Shaheen

13.   403.

School 403(b) leading to annuity and life sales; leads that I purchase, not rent; ERISA lists.

-Howard Burkhart

speaker12.   Adult literacy.

I teach an adult financial literacy evening class.

-James R. Veal

11.   Ask everybody you see.

It's that simple.

-Jodie Bishop

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