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Ernst & Young solidifies its market share

AP images/Steffi Loos
AP images/Steffi Loos

Kennedy Consulting & Research Advisory reported that Ernst & Young had a 7 percent market share and a 20 percent growth rate solidifying its place as one of the strongest consulting companies in the insurance consulting world.

Part of Kennedy’s Consulting to the insurance sector 2012, Ernst & Young’s Global Insurance Center received high marks for its input in the regulatory and risk management sectors. Ernst & Young’s insight regarding advisory, underwriting, actuary risk, regulatory compliance and other services has impacted the industry in a indelible way.

The report underlines the consulting company’s prowess and insight in back office operations, its adept understanding of regulatory and actuarial issues, and its comprehension of risk in the marketplace.

Ernst & Young’s Global Insurance center has been focused on regulatory issues and as the center works to identify trends, it facilitates a broader understanding of the world in which global insurers operate.

“This report documents that Ernst & Young ‘s global insurance network is well established to address client’s complex issues by drawing on a broad range of services and global professionals for their market, as well as offering international and technical perspectives,” said David Hollander, Global Insurance Advisory Leader for Ernst & Young. 

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