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What do multi-millionaires give on Valentine’s Day?

Nearly five in ten investors with a net worth greater than $5 million plan to buy a card for their significant other on Valentine’s Day, but fewer than one in five of these individuals plan to buy flowers, chocolate, jewelry or gifts to celebrate the day., a unit of Spectrem Group LLC, Lake Forest, Ill., arrives at this conclusion in a new survey of investors about their plans for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The report shows that 48 percent intend to observe the day by buying a card for their spouse or significant other. And 40 percent intend to go out to dinner.

But fewer than one in four plan to buy flowers (22 percent), buy chocolate (9 percent), buy jewelry (4 percent) or pursue a weekend getaway (6 percent). Nearly one five (18 percent of) investors with a net worth exceeding $5 million say they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Among survey respondents with a net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million, plans for commemorating the day are similar:

● Buy a card (45 percent)

● Buy flowers (18 percent)

● Buy chocolate (11 percent)

● Buy jewelry (3 percent)

● Buy other gifts (9 percent)

● Go out to dinner (40 percent)

● Weekend getaway (6 percent)

● Do not celebrate Valentine’s Day (18 percent)

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