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PPACA: The webinar answers, part 4

44 questions

A few months ago (translation: eons ago, in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA] Implementation Time), we teamed up with Aflac Inc. (NYSE:AFL) to organize a webinar on the possible effects of PPACA on our readers.

Webinar attendees submitted 44 questions about topics more substantive than "How do I find a recording of the webinar?" (The answer to that question. Please click here.)

Other PPACA provisions could have dramatic effects on Medicare coverage, by, for example, leading to the creation of more “accountable care organization” plans; reducing Medicare provider compensation in ways that end up reducing the number of providers that take Medicare; and killing off Medicare Advantage plans with high claims costs. 

2. Are the government’s actuarial value and minimum value calculators -- tools for determining whether coverage meets the PPACA "employer shared responsibility" requirements -- available for brokers to use? If so, what is the cost?

Small, cash-strapped employers that have been offering benefits because of a sense that employees have had no other decent coverage options might be quick to breathe a sigh of relief and shove workers into the exchanges.

Large employers that have offered no health benefits, or very limited benefits, will probably choose to pay the penalty, rather than providing the benefits, but in theory, if they actually pay the penalties, the government could use the penalty money to help pay for the coverage for the employees who go to the exchanges, and health care for employees who end up being uninsured.

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