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CMS holds Medicare Part B premiums steady

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is keeping monthly premiums for the Medicare Part B physician services plan the same.

CMS will hold the 2014 monthly base actuarial rate for aged enrollees at $209.80 per month and the monthly premium low-income and moderate-income enrollees pay at $104.90.

The monthly premium levels are unchanged from the 2013 premium levels.

The Part B deductible will continue to be $147 per year.

CMS notes that the Medicare Part A hospitalization premium is less relevant to consumers, because about 99 percent of Medicare enrollees qualify for Part A coverage without having to pay a premium.

But, for the enrollees who do pay a premium, the premium will fall $15 in 2014, to $426, according to a CMS notice, CMS-8055-N, set to appear in the Federal Register Wednesday.

Medicare program managers impose "income-related monthly adjustments" on individual enrollees with an annual taxable income over $85,000 and couples with an annual taxable income over $170,000.

The maximum monthly premium, for individuals with incomes over $214,000 and couples with incomes over $428,000, is $335.70 per enrollee.

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