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Here are the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people

Postcards arrive in the mail all the time, but to what effect? Dave Kerpen, author and chief executive of Likeable Local, says a simple postcard pointing out 16 big differences between successful and unsuccessful people has had a profound effect on him, “reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits that I know I need to embrace in order to become successful.”

Many of the differences are fairly straightforward. For instance, successful people embrace change while unsuccessful fear change. After all, embracing change is one of the hardest things a person can do, Kerpen says.

Other differences might not be so easy to intuit. Many paths to success are paved with achievements – with more achievements often translating to a faster rise to success. However, a successful person gives others all the credit for their victories, according to the postcard; the rationale being that giving others their time in the spotlight encourages them to work harder.

For the list of all 16 differences between successful and unsuccessful people, click here.

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