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New parents ignoring life insurance

According to a new survey by Aviva in the UK, only about 20% of new parents either get or update their life insurance. About twice as many create a savings account, and most report higher levels of spending in preparation for their new child, often on things they don't really need. This speaks to the heart of the difficulty of life sales; people just do not understand the need. And while it may be hard to sell to expecting parents who might feel strapped for cash (fun fact: nobody ever feels they are 100% ready for children; there is never enough money, it is never the perfect time), the enormous responsibility about to be undertaken is reason enough for new parents to at least get a modest term policy on themselves, if nothing else.
—Bill Coffin
First-time parents are taking a big gamble, with just one in five saying they had either taken out life insurance or reviewed their existing protection in preparation for the birth. Get a free, no obligation life insurance quote Life insurance is an insurance policy that pays out to your loved ...

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