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Join #1Connection and expand your network by one

This is great experiment that Mashable is toying with this year, gearing up for Social Media Day (#SMDay) on June 30, 2014. The whole idea behind tweeting the hashtag #1Connection is to encourage you to expand your social network by one more contact. Then, Mashable will pair you up with other people who have similar interests. It could be anyone from across the world! 
Seems to me like this is a great opportunity to branch out from your 'known' network and see who you get paired up with. It's like having old-school pen pals! 
I'll be doing this on my Twitter account - would you like to join me? Tweet #1Connection and see you on Twitter.
—Lynette Gil
Mashable has united the globe for a celebration of Social Media Day, when we celebrate the ways social media has changed and enriched our world.

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