How are baby boomers handling the death of their parents?

Everyone experiences grief differently. Yes, culture has a lot to do with it, but there is no real "script" to follow when one of our loved ones leaves. 
Gloria Horsley, a psychotherapist and grief expert, writes in her blog about a boomer who lost four family members in about a year and a half. How she experienced grief, the author notes, was not the "traditional way." And, how many times do we ask ourselves if our reactions to certain life-altering events are "normal"?
Horsley goes on to give a few key pieces of advice that might help you when talking to your clients about planning, death and grief. It also helps one to become self-aware of these feelings and emotions, and to "listen to you own instincts and needs."
—Lynette Gil
America's 76 million baby boomers are losing 4,900 of their parents every day, but how are they grieving?
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Lynette Gil

Lynette Gil

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