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5 steps for boomers beginning to save for retirement

Taking stock of your finances, scrubbing your budget or controlling your spending, setting realistic goals, not "making up for lost time" and seeking sound financial advice are steps that will help baby boomers (and everyone) save for retirement. 

For example, if you think you don't make enough to save, revise your finances. You might find that by understanding where your money is being spent, or flying off to, you can adjust your budget by eliminating or reducing costs.

And while you might need to tweak your current lifestyle, which is never easy, this will hopefully help you jump start your retirement fund; unless you want to be working (not by choice) full-time when you're 80.

—Lynette Gil
It's not too late for 50-somethings to start saving & eliminating unnecessary expenses can help baby boomers retire sooner.

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