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5 money worries every boomer woman understands

I might not be a boomer, but being a woman (and a millennial), I also worry about things like: 
  • I want to invest money but the stock market is scary, what should I do and where can I start?
  • How can I help my parents financially and take care of myself?
It seems that, as women, we all share some similar worries, no matter our age. And even though men worry about similar things too, factor in that women might earn less than men in the workplace or leave the workforce to start or raise their family, and you can paint a bigger picture about their retirement worries. 
But, as an advisor, you can use these worries and turn them into opportunities. Think about how to guide or reach your clients through what financial planning is, what they can do to save more for retirement, tax-savings opportunities, the variety of products that fit their needs and how to invest to grow their financial profile. 
—Lynette Gil
Here is a list of the top five fears that boomer women have and some ideas about how to turn these worries into opportunities.

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