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No PPACA patient flood? Try Oregon has posted an Associated Press story about the effects of Oregon’s Medicaid expansion efforts on the state’s network of Medicaid providers.

Oregon increased the number of people in its Medicaid program to about 1 million, from about 650,000.

Some physician practice management companies and health policy observers have struggled to find evidence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) leading to much additional use of health care. In Oregon, however, AP found one newly covered Medicaid enrollee who had to wait six months to get an in-network checkup.

Two of the state’s 15 “coordinated care organization” regions have stopped taking new patients. That means 16,000 new Medicaid enrollees have no easy way to get an in-network doctor.

—Allison Bell

At least one state’s providers are straining to serve the newly covered.

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