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The best and worst states for a life well-lived

A project by the Social Science Research Council, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing research in their field, attempts to measure the wellbeing of the U.S. by focusing on the wellbeing of individuals and taking into account other economic factors.

For example, their metrics are based on health, education and income, into what is called the American Human Development Index or HDI. The top five ranking states are: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, District of Columbia and Maryland. The worst ranked states are: Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi.
It's interesting that these indicators are based more than just on other economic indicators like the GDP, but aspire to measure human development and progress. Advisors can definitely use these metrics to help them find new prospects for business.

—Lynette Gil
How long can a baby born today in Missouri, New Mexico, or Minnesota expect to live?

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