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Fear hurts Nigerian fight against Ebola

Fear of Ebola isolation strategies, and efforts to evade those strategies, may be contributing to the spread of the deadly virus in Africa, according to African media reports. 

Rosemary Nwisi reports in The Nation of Nigeria about a Nigerian diplomat who came into contact with an Ebola victim in Liberia. Liberia put the diplomat in quarantine. The diplomat escaped from an isolation unit, hid his symptoms and flew to Nigeria. While at the hospital, he infected at least one doctor and at least one other hospital patient.

The doctor spread the virus to his sister-in-law, then died. The sister-in-law fled. Public health authorities eventually found the sister-in-law and put her in isolation. The diplomat, the sister-in-law and the unlucky hospital patient who contracted Ebola from the diplomat are still alive and in quarantine.

Nigerian authorities have put more than 200 contacts of the Ebola patients under watch and are classifying about 50 the contacts as high-risk. About 60 contacts are believed to be hiding.

—Allison Bell
Officials say about 60 people who should be in isolation units are in hiding.

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