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Prospecting lessons from ultra-achievers

The Lead

There are prospecting lessons to learn from American presidents and even the Divine. (Photo: iStock)
There are prospecting lessons to learn from American presidents and even the Divine. (Photo: iStock)

Americans recently witnessed what an ultra-achiever looks like. We watched in real life, in real time, a person who has reached the highest office in the land — against all odds.

Donald Trump had a whole bag full of disadvantages. Yet he won! He is not a gifted speaker, yet he got his message through. He was crude, unorthodox and seemed like a blind man looking for a light switch at times.

The same approach that made The Donald a billionaire, also made him a president. He made the decision to be President of the United States, and he did it. He fought tirelessly every day for almost 2 years. He seemed capable of going past everyone else's point of collapse. Everything about Trump was criticized:

"He's going to wear himself out."

"He flies back home every day!?"

"His language is crude, profane and offensive."

"He's a bully.”

“He’s a child.”

"He's arrogant."

"He can't possibly win!"

We now know what made the President-elect a billionaire. I don’t believe Trump ever doubted his resolve. He never waivered from his message, no matter how controversial. He first vanquished 16 Republican rivals, then won the Presidency against a machine with much more money, a majority of the media, most of the leaders of his party, and even voters who didn’t think he had a chance and were afraid to throw away their vote.

Very few believed he could win, but the one who counted, believed he would. "I will win, and win big," he stated boldly, often, and publicly. That, he did.

We also witnessed the same thing 8 years ago. A relatively unknown person outside of Illinois, Barack Obama, actually achieved the same office with arguably even greater disadvantages than Donald Trump. Trump was reviled for his success. Obama was criticized for his lack of success. Trump is crude even though he lives in ostentatious wealth and privilege. Obama is eloquent, even though he came from far less. These two men couldn't be farther apart in almost every measurable trait, except one: They had a dream, an amazing dream, and they decided to make it happen.

Their rise to this lofty peak reminds me of a line from the film “Terminator”: "He will not be stopped, he will not be reasoned with."

John WayneMany movies have heroes who look like this. “Indiana Jones,” “James Bond” or almost any John Wayne movie. The heroes always achieve.

We who are not like them marvel at and even envy their success. But we can do more than just watch. We can participate!

I have the privilege of being surrounded by high achievers. There are several in my business life, several in my personal life, and several in my spiritual life. They are all ages and genders. I've noticed that they all have the same single attribute: They will not be stopped. They will not be reasoned out of achieving what they are attempting to accomplish.

My favorite ultra-achiever is Jesus Christ. "He set his face like a flint." This is a Bible reference stating His determination to achieve what He was here to accomplish, and He did it.

My suspicion is this: If your practice is struggling, you have not decided to take on the characteristics of high achievers — that determined will to succeed.

Prospecting for new clients requires thinking outside the box. Going the extra mile to discover new and innovative ways to introduce your practice to new clients is essential. Finding a new clients each day is the key ingredient that makes every successful practice.

So make the decision today to be a high achiever. Maybe you can even go for ultra achiever status. Why not?

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