Life Insurance Selling

August 01, 2011



  • Boomers on the retirement precipice

    Boomers have to be the most analyzed generation in history.

  • The first question you should ask

    The best way you learn is through your mistakes. When you do something wrong and that mistake comes with a high price tag, you'll never forget that lesson.

  • What's Next?

    Where are we going and what will we do? "We" in this case means folks in the United States, Mexico, Canada and overseas. In other words, everyone.

  • Dick Cheney: Medicine Man

    Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney began a career in public service in 1969, when he was an intern for U.S. Rep. William A. Steiger of Wisconsin. For most of the following 40 years, concluding with 8 years as President George W. Bush's vice president,

  • What's your offer?

    When you approach a prospect, or even a potential prospect, what's the offer? If you want someone's attention, you should make them an offer they can't refuse. What's your offer?


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