Senior Market Advisor July 01, 2011

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  • Senior Survey 2011

    So what do seniors really think about their retirement, their nest egg, even their advisors? Read our latest survey and find out.

  • Building A Nest Egg

    With their assets depleted from the financial meltdown of 2008, seniors have had to take a new approach to building their nest eggs. Learn what their new outlook is on investing and how they're achieving it.

  • Estate Planning

    Too many seniors fail to develop an overall estate plan to take them into retirement and leave something for their heirs. Use this checklist to make sure your clients are able to make an efficient transfer of their assets.

  • Health Care

    With changes to Medicare looming and medical costs rising, seniors are confused with what is actually covered. Find out how seniors can navigate the mysteries of health care and how they can maximize their dollars amid the rising costs of medicine.

  • Housing

    Seniors have options when it comes to their housing situation. Do they downsize, move to a senior community or accept a long-term care option? You are in unique position to aid them in the decision-making process.

  • Born To Be Wild

    Big Jim Holt has sailed the seven seas, hit a gusher in Texas oil and experienced the economic crash of 2008 firsthand, but he's never as alive as when he's on the open road.

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  • Answer life's call

    Imagine one of your clients wants to buy life insurance (it happens!). But you never get around to sell the product because you had bigger fish (read: "products") to fry.

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