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    Elizabeth Festa, Regulatory & Compliance News Editor for LifeHealthPro.com, is a longtime financial and regulatory affairs journalist with a background in insurance, securities, the investment advisor space and telecomm deregulation, both in Washington and New York. She has worked at everything from old-school newsletter sheets punched into binders to an international wire service to a hyper-local blog, and has free-lanced for major and regional newspapers and magazines on a variety for features, real estate and lifestyle stories. She found herself covering insurance when all her colleagues covered banking, and figured an actuary could talk circles around a banker and stay in a Rolodex (she still uses one) a lot longer. Elizabeth learned insurance regulatory issues on the back of the demutualization/investment bank movement and Glass Steagall reform efforts in the late 1990s and went religiously to four NAIC meetings a year, sitting in the cheap seats in back with the skeptical accountants, heckling consultants and the pacing consumer advocates. Fast forward, after a decade of real estate and Internet company boom and bust, and she is back on the beat again, covering insurance modernization, which is an evolving process, she has learned, not a destination. Festa can be reached at efesta@sbmedia.com or on Twitter@LHPro_Reg.

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