2012 Advisor of the Year

Each year Senior Market Advisor recognizes an Advisor of the Year. Too often from the mainstream media, we only hear about the bad apples of our industry. We try to change that negative connotation with a look at an advisor who is doing things well and doing things right.

This year is no different. Through a very thorough nomination process followed by a series of interviews and vetting of candidates, we look to find a top producer who serves clients first and foremost, and who is a true cornerstone of a community.

Meet the Winner

  • 2012 Advisor of the Year: Mark Pruitt

    Mark Pruitt boasts a client base that spans four generations, wrote $12.4 million in business in 2011 and makes large-scale prospecting look easy. All this, and he's a remarkably nice guy to boot.

    Q&A with Mark Pruitt

    Learn Mark Pruitt's secrets to seminar success and find out which marketing tools have transformed his practice in LifeHealthPro's exclusive video interview.

Meet the Finalists

  • Brian Adair: The Referral King

    Brian Adair understands the secret to his success—it’s building relationships with other financial and legal professionals. In fact, his entire business has been built on the shoulders of relationships he has with other industry experts, something he realizes is a rarity in this business.

  • Marty Higgins: The GM

    Marty Higgins oversees the financial plans of about 800 clients, mapping out everything from their interests to their assets to their short and long-term goals. But instead of actively managing the client’s money, he leaves that to a money manager. By doing so, he can focus on cultivating client relationships and ensuring that the overall objectives are met.

  • Chuck Layman: The Problem-Solver

    Chuck Layman got his start in the business in 1976 after earning his life insurance license and says that, even after 36 years, he still loves what he does each day. Mostly, he loves working with the people of his Northern Colorado town. He loves helping them solve financial problems and tamping down any fears or confusion they might have.

  • Bill Pope: The Counselor

    As a former minister, Bill Pope’s parishioners would come in and talk to him about family or marriage, but eventually they would get around to all facets of their life, including finances. Now, he says, the entry point of the conversation begins with finances, but they end up talking about their faith and family.

  • Mark Pruitt: The Builder

    For Mark Pruitt, being in financial services means not only recommending the right products, but also listening to what the client truly wants. His first meeting is completely client-centric, giving the client time to ask questions and himself time to understand their concerns. Then, much like an architect slowly designs a house, he builds an overall financial plan during future meetings.

Expert Insight: Top Sales Tips

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